Payday Bank

In order to qualify for a Payday Bank payday loan you must meet the following requirements:

•  You must be over 18 years of age

•  Resident of the United Kingdom

•  Currently employed and receive a regular paycheck or salary

•  You must hold an active bank account.


Credit Check? Usually No

Maximum Loan Amount: £750

Same Day Loan Transfer (CHAPS) Fee: Depends on Lender

Deadline for Same Day Loan Transfer: Depends on Lender

Free BACS transfer (3 working days): Yes

Repayment by Debit Card ? Yes

Repayment by Direct Debit? No

Rollovers: Yes – However, after rolling over your payday loan more than 2 times, you are required to reduce your balance with Payday Bank.

Amount Repayable (per £100)? £125

Typical APR? Representative 1286% APR

Employment Type? Employed Persons Only

Other Fees: None

Payday Bank  are one of the the major Payday lenders in the UK and it is down to this experience in the UK market that they offer the highest acceptance rates in the UK as well as good customer services levels. They specialise in payday loans for those with bad credit and have a low APR compared to other payday loan providers. For a competitive payday loan and very quick online application and instant acceptance just click on the banner below.

63 Responses to “Payday Bank”

  1. David Dodds says:

    This is the second time i’ve used payday bank, nice and quick!

  2. James says:

    Only used them once before. I had applied for six hundred but got 450. Was told that i would get more the next time around (now!) so we will see. I understand that this is the same for all payday lenders, you have to have used them before before getting the max amount.

    Don’t have the best of credit so i don’t think that matters too much with them

  3. D Chang says:

    Looked on the website and applied around 7.20 am. Got an email five minutes later saying that my application had been successful. The money was then in my bank account by 2pm. Fast and great service, hey also sent me a budget planner that comes in handy with checking my monthly budget, nifty piece of software.

    that was the last time i applied for a loan, need another loan, checked to see of there are any better rates on the market but payday bank are comparable with the best on offer so i’m happy to use them again because of last time. All in al i would recommend definately!

  4. Tracy says:

    i don’t know why anyone would get a payday loan, they are worse than the banks these people

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